The Last Passenger

Great East Japan Earthquake 10th Memorial Project

Rebirth Tohoku 2021

For a brighter future, rebirth of Tohoku begins now.

Rebirth Tohoku 2021 is a project meant to create a foundation of support for young filmmakers and various artists within the Tohoku region.

It aims to also promote the local food industry and ultimately cultivate a fruitful relationship between both food producers and artists with a collaboration focused on a brighter future for Tohoku. Please join us in making this project successful.

Your kind support is greatly appreciated!

Announcement: the filming postponed

Movie Trailer

The Miyagi Original Short Film

“The Last Passenger”

Rebirth Tohoku 2021 project begins with a short film called “The Last Passenger.” It is a fictional story set in the Miyagi prefecture 10 years after the great Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

This movie revolves around a father and daughter separated by an impossible disaster while they try to reconcile their relationship.

Mr. Endo, a taxi driver, has been waiting for his daughter since she left to take a college exam in Tokyo on the day of the earthquake. One late night, Mr. Endo picks up several customers, including a mother with a young girl and another young girl about around the same age as his own daughter.

They all ask him to take them to a seaside town, one which was swallowed by a gigantic tsunami ten years ago, leaving nothing left. Who is the last passenger?

This story follows rediscovering family and love after your world is turned upside down. We hope we can send a hopeful and encouraging message to help survivors move forward in 2021.

Director’s Statement

On March 11, 2011, Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami hit our beautiful hometown. Unfortunately, it destroyed many towns in the coastal area in my home, Tohoku, and claimed almost 16,000 lives. Our lives were changed forever on that fateful day.

We appreciate all the kindness and love sent from all over the world during that time. Without the support, we would not have been able to recover this much from the devastating the loss of families, friends, and homes.

Although it is not fully recovered, most of us are able to resume normal life now. Therefore I’d like to do something positive for Tohoku – something cheerful and hopeful as 2021 marks the 10th year of memorial for this tragic event.

Then, I came up with this idea to connect artists and the local food industry to work together on a fun and exciting project to build up their relationship.

As a result of these events, I believe we can come together as a better community.

Beyond the Movie

After the completion of this film, we will proceed to screen in both Japan and the United States. This screening serves two purposes.

First, it serves to show the film and include reception events that promote Tohoku food along with Sake, beer, and wine for entertainment.

Second, it serves to allow us to take our profits, upon reaching that of the film production cost, to donate them towards a beautiful cause, such as that of the future systems of revitalizing Tohoku food industries and fostering the next generation.